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mpvc functionality is split in a few pieces/files: Have a look at the casts/ directory to watch screencasts of mpvc in action.

QuickInstall โ–ถ๏ธ

curl -fsSL -o mpvc-installer https://github.com/gmt4/mpvc/raw/master/extras/mpvc-installer && sh ./mpvc-installer fetch-user


 # fetch a local copy of the github repo
 git clone https://github.com/gmt4/mpvc/
 # use extras/mpvc-installer: just copy/link to your $HOME/bin
 mpvc/extras/mpvc-installer link-user

 # use mpvc-fzf to search and play youtube media
 mpvc-fzf -p 'kupla mirage'
 # use mpvc-fzf to manage the playlist
 mpvc-fzf -f
 # use mpvc to enqueue local media / online YT media
 mpvc add /path/to/your/*.mp3 # or your URLs
 # use mpvc-tui to start the tui + desktop notifications
 mpvc-tui -T


mpvc-tui -T: running the mpvc TUI
mpvc-tui -T screenshot

mpvc-tui -f: running with fzf
mpvc-tui fzf screenshot

mpvc-tui: running with fzf and desktop notifications on the upper-right corner
mpvc-tui fzf+notify screenshot


The logbook got big enought to deserve a page on its own, see here: logbook.html

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